At COMMUNITY AND FAMILY AID FOUNDATION we believe that each one of us has a unique skills, expertise, and knowledge to offer no matter the volume. The work of volunteers are strong pillars of the foundation powering our works and therefore welcomes individuals and institutions interested in working actively and in partnership in championing volunteerism for development. Just contact management and we shall send you all the necessary information you need to enable you join us at any of our project country sites to enable you do so. our term of reference and engagement is simple.

CAFAF believe that “a person is a person through other persons” and so each one us has something special to offer to make a greater change in the lives of the helpless. 

Our volunteer opportunities offer a fertile ground to share and nurture the dreams of people who wants to be part of the Global Village of the 21st century development champs.

Feel free to join us here, where you will enjoy the rich cultures, traditions, and serene atmosphere of positive .exchange of our land. Age or disability is never a restriction as we are ready to offer you the environment to accommodate and make your stay the volunteer journey of a difference.

The only conditions attached to our services of engagement is that all potential volunteers are expected to raise their own funds to cover the cost of staying throughout the period, are you interested in volunteering with us, management will be ready to communicate back to you associated cost in this regard ranging from one week to six months and beyond to enable you plan your finances before joining us here.

Have you decided to volunteer with us? At CAFAF we care and would sincerely be happy to see you join our crop of volunteers on the ground offering selfless services to meet the developmental needs of the vulnerable.

You are special to us. Join us and be part of the next volunteer team either in Ghana or Kenya project sites. Be bold to take up the challenge to join us NOW

-Learn a new skill, and make friends, be creative, gain experiences and explore yourself while helping.

-Volunteer-is about breaking down walls and building houses

Volunteer-bridge the gap between the rich and the poor

Opportunity-solidarity, integrity, growth voluntarily

Charity-inspires the volunteer

Many hands make light work



Are people who share reports, updates, and also donates toward the activities of the organization without being actively involved.




They are people who engage actively in our activities and carry out field projects, advocacy campaigns, conduct of fundraising, etc but have the free will to leave at the end of their volunteer service.

The choice is your

Let us know which one you would like to fulfill

You are welcomed