COMMUNITY AND FAMILY AID FOUNDATION is happy to share with all this good news. Effort has been pursued over the last three years to have a branch established in Kenya. And the good news is that there is currently a series of projects on the ground in Kenya shaping the lives of deprived children have hoped and proper guidance in life.


NAME OF THE PROJECT:    Helping Our People Excel                                                 {H.O.P.E}Christian Community Center.

COUNTRY:                    Kenya – Gucha South District –                                         Kisii County.

SITUAETED AT:             Gucha  south  district–Kisii                                               countyKenya.

TIME STARTED:             2nd – May – 2011.

We started this school on 2nd -  May – 2011 for the specific purpose of helping the Orphaned Kids, street Kids, Desperate Kids, abandoned/Vulnerable Kids, the Oppressed the hungry Children from Disabled families by giving them the sincere loving environment, Christian care and quality schooling to them who otherwise would not have access to educate.

Ghana’s population have for the past fifty years (50) steadily increase beyond measure, where villages, communities and urban centers and the entire ten (10) regions of the country are grappling with housing deficit. The housing deficit remains a critical challenge government alone cannot shoulder. The continues emerging of more than (50,000) fifty thousand slum communities around the country are a clear indication of the pervasive nature of the housing issues. COMMUNITY AND FAMIL AID FOUNDATION therefore hopes to partner and establish cordial relationship with individuals and like-minded organization to explore avenues of providing affordable housing to house the poor with a flexible term of payment which will see the poor adequately housed and could boost of permanent decent place of living.

Children are very dear to the heart of God. Jesus demonstrated this by consistently noticing them, talking with them, caring for their needs, healing and loving them.

As recipients of the amazing love of God, we here the people of God are consistently invited in scripture to share this love with those children in distress.