Literacy School for Life Program in Ghana


The Community and Family Aid Foundation in Ghana promote the empowerment of children and women by running School for Life programs.

What’s the issue, problem or challenge?

Of the 60 million primary-school-aged children without access to education, 70% live in Africa. Over 450,000 Ghanaian children are currently out of school, and as a result they all face the high likelihood of a poverty-stricken future.

How will this project solve this problem?

The Community and Family Aid Foundation are helping to educate children in the Ghanaian capital of Accra. The School for Life Program will educate more than 850 children over a year in a structured learning process. The program will also include an open literacy library where children will be able to access learning resources and books to further assist their development.  

Potential long term impact

All children that complete the program will be able to:


•Read a story

•Read current events and learn from it

•Write a letter to a family member 

•Calculate basic arithmetic


The program will bring together the community and create an environment where everyone can help, contribute and be a part of the literacy school for life.

Project partner message

Joseph Senyo Kwashie- Director of Programs, Community and Family Aid Foundation

“We want touch the lives of these children with a positive literacy revolution where they will have the right foundation that will propel them to a high heights.”

Funding information

Total money needed: $5000

Funding so far: $0


With a contribution of $20-$100 10 children can benefit from a daily exposure to literacy classes. Consider supporting this project to the latter. Thanks




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Operation Clean Accra Campaign                    Project

Our Foundation in support of environmental cleanliness proposes a project dubbed

“OPERATION CLEAN ACCRA CAMPAIGN PROJECT”.Therefore the OCA project  is a step out effort aimed at rasing effective and efficient sustained public education on clean environmental practices gear

mass transfer of knowledge to get the populace informed and to make an informed choice.This intervention is to compliment existing  structures on the ground(sanitation up keep authorities effort) using and exploiting direct medium of commuication that speaks for itself in educating  the masses.

At CAFAF we believe  sanitation issues  concern all and sundry and if it must be done it must be done well,thus, good health practices of living is associated with safety environmental health education issues role out, and will impact positively on

poverty alleviation, the minimization of incidence of malaria infection and ensured environmental sustainability attainment will accrue from effective public participation.


This a special children’s welfare support package programmed to receive voluntary donations from individuals and institutions interested in investing in children’s up bringing especially those in difficult situations. Proceeds generated from the funds are spent on meeting the educational and daily up keep needs of every sponsored child participating in the program. Basic needs such as school feeding, cloths, shoes, books, bays, stationeries, food shelter, transportation and health care cost are covered by the fund.

The fund has two major responses and that is to respond to both the short term and long terms needs of the children. The short terms are those stipulated while the long terms looks at investing a small percentage of the fund into other schemes which can generate the necessary returns to cushion the funds up.

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This is to ensure that when no support is coming forth the investment will ideally serve as a back bone to support the children. Management of the funds is expected to propose different interventions and accounts for every penny receive quarterly. The investment will look at both internal and external schemes where the internal will be the channeling of a portion of the donations  to undertaking either farming activities and productions of crafts for sale at the open market where the profit shall be used to top up the funds.

The other option is to invest a portion in a short term financial venture which promises to give value for money upon subscription.

The fund is a timely lifeline package meant to address these needs, the term “BANK” is to ensure every child should have a 24 hour readily available resources that will in away assist all manner of children identified by our project team to receive the needed care, shelter and possibly good “GOD PARENTS” whose presence will restore the hopes and dignity of the child back to life.

Management of the fund sincerely extends a call for donation to all to grant us timely donations to support this noble cause. With a generous token of $ 10-$500 and more we will be able to place a child in school, feed them, shelter them and address other pressing needs of children benefiting from the fund.

A solid foundation of good upbringing and a positive future of the children can be attained with your support. More and more children will walk happily into their dream schools where streetism will be a thing of the past.