To provide youths with a professional training in ICT that can help them obtain jobs easily   to assistyouths to effectively use their training in creating jobs or obtaining jobs.

Imbibe youths with communication, negotiation and goal setting skills necessary for their professional and educational development.
Build self-esteem in youths and make youths to become more responsible in their actions
To integrate the urban youths in the field of socio-economic development.
To provide training and guidance to develop the skills in modern technology
Shall have access and benefit from state-of –the-art ICT training free of charge.
Shall be empowered with high core ICT skills and technologies thus making beneficiaries economically marketable


The students of schools and SHS in the community.
The High and mid ranged educated youths.
The children, youth groups, girls, and NGOs working in the area.
The distressed women and disabled persons in the area.


Provide computers along with the skilled instructors (teachers) for the beneficiary area.
Computers will be fully mobile within the program area.
Our foundation will provide proper training and guidance for the instructors who will be appointed for the project.


1. Community level Meetings
2. ICT training for 150 adolescent girls
3. Preparation of individual, family and slum profiles
4. Educating the adolescent girls using ICT
5. Initiating and strengthening the adolescent girls clubs

    “ICT champion Girls clubs”
6. Providing commercial ICT service to the community
7. Developing website, CD based learning material
8. Monitoring, evaluation and reporting

The major activities that will be implemented are:

The main methods for the achievement of the above goals and objectives will be
The creation of an ICT center that will act as the milieu for training youths in ICT usage
The development by staff of the program of a documentation/dissemination plan. 

This is to organize the collection entry level data and on the running of the project and so provide a basis for the sharing of information with other similar projects