CAFAF is a Ghanaian National Non-Governmental Organization with a global and local content thinking currently exclusively identified with promoting the empowerment of women, communities, young people to manage issues concerning their development and to advocate for and work towards adolescent and sexual reproductive health, rights and well-being; to advocate for and on behalf of young people, in the area of reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, environment, health, education, climate change, and other related issues that affect their total development.

Aim at hosting the largest effort of reaching out to youth of Ghana to appreciate and respond to their sexual health rights needs for a bright future and promoting their development toward the nations building.

CAFAF is registered under Registration Act 1963 No 21446 founded in 2006; the organization is also registered under the social welfare system DSW NO 3692. The work of CAFAF has spread over the entire Accra-region, has determined to organize the various programmes for the better livelihood, protection and sustainable development. CAFAF is working in the field of Integrated Rural Development, HIV/AIDS/maternal health, sexual reproductive health, promotion of Traditional Health System and Involvement and Advocacy for the social issues having a definite bearing on the life of people.

CAFAF has come forward with a strong faith that its efforts will uplift the socio economic condition of those people who have been neglected and denied for their rightful share of the society for centuries. The Organization work jointly with the people inviting them to participate actively in solving their own problems, The Organization support their reasonable demand and decision and encourage them to discover and utilize the available natural resources. CAFAF trusts that the spread of education will help them to overcome their deep rooted superstitions and social evils regarding emerging trends.

To see and play a leading role for a better world that promotes both our human and natural resources tapping, to stimulate development resulting in improvement where all are happy and useful is our VISION.

CAFAF: exist to create possibilities to improve lives, where our development interventions will live indelible mark on people, communities and underserved populations to fashion a world, where all will be happy and useful includingrespectively living for others to reflect equal, participatory economy releasing that a person is a person through other persons as a lasting legacy for generations to come for replication.

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